I am currently working as a Graphics Technical Artist for Imagination Technologies which is a FTSE 250 company. I work with a small team of Engineers, managing the development of artwork for technical graphics demos that are used to showcase new technology that's shipped in devices sold by Apple, Intel and many other companies.




3Ds Max, ZBrush4 R6, Photoshop, xNormal, Substance Design, Substance Painter,V-Ray, Quixel Suite, Knald, Marmoset Toolbag 2, UDK, Unity 



Characters, Environments, Weapons, Vehicles, Sculpting, Rigging, Concepting, Rendering, 3D Print



About Me


Imagination Technologies

May 2015 - Present: Project Lead 

I recently moved into the role of Project Lead (on top of my role as a GTA) which means that I'm now also responsible for monitoring the progress of the demos to ensure that they're completed on target. 

Other tasks include:

- Scheduling meetings
- Allocating tasks 
- Using project management software to measure the progress of the projects

May 2013 - Present: Graphics Technical Artist

Working as the only in-house artist allows me to be responsible for creating and directing the entire art production for each of the demos that I'm involved in. 

Other roles include:

- Managing a small team of remote freelance artists

- Creating concepts, mood boards and asset lists for real-time graphics demos

- Managing the outsourcing and purchasing of additional assets, if necessary, to streamline production. 

- Liaising with a small team of Engineers to ensure that the art work aligns with tech requirements of the demos.

- Managing my time for multiple dynamic projects with various deadlines.

- Mentoring summer placements 



May 2013 - May 2014: Game Artist

I am part of a small close-knit development team where I model, texture and rig a range of 3D and 2D assets which are aimed at the Unity engine. I also model and render a range of assets for cinematics and use in promotional images.


Working in a small team allowed has allowed me to gain first hand experience on all aspects of games development from the initial pitching stage to the release of projects.


I am able draw from my experience in organic and hard surface modelling and texturing to create a large volume of high quality products in a short amount of time for projects with short turnovers of around 2 - 3 months.


I also work closely with the project leads and creative director to aid in the implementation of new workflows and programs such as nDo and dDo, as well as the use of technical art to aid in the modelling process. I also was able to aid in the direction of the art style and the generation of asset lists. In doing so I have built excellent communication skills by working in a team.


Self Employed
January 2013 - June 2013: Contract CG Artist

I worked with multiple clients on a host of different projects which ranged form 3D character creation to 2D UI Design.

- Created 2 high resolution sculps for 3D Printing.

- Modelled and textured a stylized character for Team Fortress 2

- Created 2D UI designs

- Sculpted and Unwrapped clothing for pre visualisation, which included creating changable parts.

- Modelled and textured clothing to be used in Second Life

- Optimized and retopologised scan data 


I have also worked on various other projects that are covered by non disclosure agreements. 


Jungle Friend Studios

September 2012 - March 2013: ​Lead Artist


I modelled, textured and rigged a range of cinematic and in-game assets, including characters, environments, props and accessories, for a range of unannounced iPhone and iPad games. 


I liaised with the lead artists and project manager, working closely with them to utilize the best techniques to aid workflow and to enhance the visual style and performance of the games.

I also monitored the progress of other artists to ensure that deadlines were met and that artistic style was consistent throughout the projects.



Torn Banner Studios

​June 2011 - October 2012: ​Character Artist 


Chivalry:Medieval Warfare had sold over 1.2million copies worldwide after just 9 months of release.

Chivalry also made number 1 in the Steam Top Seller Chart, number 3 in the Indie of the Year 2011 

and is showcased on the UDK website. 


I was part of the character art team and worked on modelling and texturing characters for the meideval

first person slasher Chivalry:Medieval Warfare (PC)

This involved working closely with the Producer and Lead Character Artist to ensure that I was able to

match the games artistic style and visual quality.



Red Cell Studios 

September 2010 - September 2011: ​Character Artist

Red Cell Studios is an indie team of developers working on a FPS title Clan Arena.

I modelled, textured and rigged the main character for the Nano Soldier faction.


Staffordshire University

September 2010 - May 2011: Part-Time Lecturer

I taught students 'Introduction to 3D Modelling A & B' for a full academic year, which included marking all aspects of coursework and designing and conducting lectures, workshops and video tutorials. 


The role also included marking the students work, the creation of video tutorials, conducting lectures and providing critique and problem solving on the fly to the students.


Immersing myself within various game developer communities to ensure that I  am constantly up to date with the fast changing workflows and pipelines used within games development, which can then be used to help students develop essential skill sets. 



2010 - 2012: Staffordshire University - MSc 3D Games Modelling (Merit)


2007 - 2010: Staffordshire University - BEng Computer Games Design (2:1)


If you would like to contact me regarding any future job opportunities, additional work, or to view my CV, please email me using the contact information at the top of the page.