S.M - 07 Research Drone


The majority of the modelling was done in 3ds max, using a combination of ZBrush , XNormal and nDo2 to add additional details to the normal map. Photoshop was used to create the textures and the renders were captured using the Xoliul view port shader.





This character was created for a University module to further develop both my mechanical modelling and animation skills. The Screenshots were captured in 3ds Max with the Xoliul 2 shader.


The dagger was created as a pieve of fan art for Jagex's Runescape.
Both the axe and shield were created as fan art found on WarhammerOnline.com. (http://ageofreckoning.warhammeronline.com/OrcChoppa) 

Warhammer Fan Art

Pizza Delivery Vehicles

During my time at Jungle Friend studios I worked on a  collection of vehicles for an unannounced iOS title.
Each of the assets took around 4 hours to create.